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    I want a form-submit button to be horizontally aligned left with the text area of a comment form.
    How do I do this?


    Look at this and tell me if this is what you are looking for, note many here want a fiddle or a code because they cannot figure things out with just words (apparently)


    The way your submit button is aligned is dependant on page markup and CSS;

    • Is the submit button inside an element that is creating ‘structure’ and maybe putting it into a place that you don’t expect, or are having difficulty manipulating? (such as a table or nested divs)
    • Are you using a custom CSS reset that is centralising buttons or adding large margins, thus moving them further away from where you’d expect?
    • Maybe CSS from higher up the cascade is affecting alignment on CSS you’ve already tried?
    • Applicable CSS that would otherwise work in the normal cascade may be ‘trapped’ inside a Media Query

    There are many things to consider, so in this case, a demo would be more useful than guessing what the markup or CSS is. An illustration of what it is supposed to look like would also be helpful.

    Demos also offer a valuable learning experience; In stripping back all other elements and CSS, it gives the OP an opportunity to focus on the parts which are actually affecting their code/presentation.

    Please do not dismiss demos. Yes, folks here are clever enough to interpret a description, but there’s no guarantee that my, or another interpretation will be what the OP wants, and guessing wastes time.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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