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    how can you make your site have horizontally scroll. I want to make a long list of sources for my site and it is going to be to long to just keep scrolling…so i wanted to know if I had it horizontal is it possible to make a "back-to-top" button but instead of it going "back-to-top" it would go back to the left or right. could someone help me with the code for that?

    Thanks :D

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    what your talking about is an anchor link. You put both links where you want them to be. So instead of putting it at the top, put it at the side. they work off of ID’s. when you click the back to top button, it locates the id you set for it and takes it you there. There is no code saying to only scroll up. It is basically a hyperlink within a page. Instead of taking you to a new page, it just takes you back to where ever the coder decided to take you.

    Here is a nice little tutorial that might help … ml-14.html

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    ok cool!!! so how would i make a horizontal scrolling website?

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    well i think if you just make your side wide. then it will automatically become a horizontal scrolling website. if you make your page longer than about 700 pixels, then it becomes a vertical scrolling. So i would start by making your site however wide you need it to be and whatever height you want it to be.

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    My favorite way to handle horizontally scroll (as blasphemous as this sounds!) is to create a table with a single row in it, and then have each "block" of content be a single table cell.The advantage here is that you can add and remove blocks and the site will continue to grow wider as it needs to (without wrapping). Otherwise, you have to declare a static width to an element which actually feels dirtier to me.

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    The dirtier of the two is the one which demands additional elements written to the html – so that’d be the filthy table ;)

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    is this what you had in mind?

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