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    Hi – I’ve seen several posts giving the fix for this problem as using overflow: hidden; or overflow-x:hidden on the body tag. I’ve tried both and they don’t work. On the iphone the horizontal scroll bar appears and you can swipe left on screen to reveal a pile of white space. If anyone knows how to correct this please help!!! The code for the index page is here (it’s built in Dreamweaver CS6 so has the template elements in the html).
    Many thanks


    Hi Shane,
    thanks very much for your reply. It still brightens my day when I post a problem and people reply :)

    Firstly – the horizontal scrollbar appears on my iphone. I can’t see it when I use any developer tools in Firefox, etc., and resize my screen, and the Google test says it’s “awesome” and responsive. It just bugs me that on the iphone you can scroll right to blank space and I can’t see why this is happening.

    Posting to codepen – duly noted and thanks for the tip. I thought I should paste everything from the html doc and the css in case I left off something that was the cause of the issue.

    Dreamweaver – yes please, I would like to know why I don’t want Dreamweaver to generate my code (you’re not the first to say it to me on the forums!). I see that it sticks code in that I don’t want. The more I learn from elsewhere (tutorials, forums, etc), the more I do go into the code directly and edit my own html and css, and the more I have to edit the code that Dreamweaver creates (like putting in the image size for example that I don’t want in there). BUT – to look at code only and not have the visual constantly there is daunting (outside of previewing in browser). Simple things like selecting a word and adding the link for that word is so easy in Dreamweaver and lengthier by hand (as well as human typo error risks). And the other worry is on templates. I always create a template for my sites, get that how I want it and then create all the other pages from that so changes to common places are sitewide. how on earth do you do this in plain handcode? any and all comments or rants you want to share I will read and absorb!!
    Thanks again for your time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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