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Home Page Question & GD Star Rating Plugin Help

  • # April 8, 2010 at 12:09 pm

    I’m using the GD Star Rating plugin to build a "digg like" site with wordpress. Vote It Up sucks. zero support so i’m going with this one.
    anyway, 2 questions.

    On the home page of a blog. Is it possible to list 5 posts, but then once you click the "older posts" link display 30 posts?
    currently on my home page i have the blog posts listed in most popular order. I would like to limit it to 5 posts. however when you click on the link i’d like there to be 30 posts and for them to be listed in date order, most recent at top. I cant think of any way to do this. Currently i’m settling for 30 posts on the home page with them listed in most popular order.

    on the home page i’m only listing the post title, read more link and author. Ideas are submitted using the TDO mini forms plugin and the whole idea is to be conveyed in the title. they can add more details if they want, but the goal is to convince the visitor to vote based on the headline. therefore i REALLY want to display the star rating and/or thumbs up/down rating under the post author tag so that you can vote on a post directly from the home page.

    anybody have ideas? this is really tripping me up

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