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    Hey guys,

    I want to start a blog with video tutorials, obviously I don’t want people copying the videos.

    I wanted to know how I could do something like <a href="">Putlocker</a> where when someone views the page source, they see a javascript long piece of code but I don’t know how I would implement that on my blog, I’m not sure whether it has CSS involved or whatever but would really love to know how to do it.

    Thanks to anyone helps!


    There is very little you can do to protect actual code that’s in the source.

    If you want to prevent downloads then secure off-hosting would be the way to go but all that does is prevent any villain from downloading directly from your site.

    Seems on point –




    But on putlocker, they upload all the videos to and when it finishes it gives you an iframe to embed, but on putlocker, it is loads of javascript so they must be doing something to hide the code.


    I’ve used this at some point to not cache images and hide their path :


    First of all, Putlocker is a questionable site that streams illegal content. So, whatever methods they use, I wouldn’t use that as an example of anything.

    Second, by looking at the source, nothing was hidden or obscured at all. There’s just an iframe to a video, and the URL was very easy to see/copy.

    Third, by nature and by design, the web is open source. To try and bypass or work around that, is not only useless (see posts above), it’s also not the point of the web. If you want to restrict content, put it behind a username/password, and trust your users for not sharing it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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