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    HI there ! Anythingslider is a very nice plugin.. thanks ! My little problem :

    I achieve to hide previous arrow on first slide, and next arrow on last slide using :

    infiniteSlides: false,
    stopAtEnd: true,

    but when I’m using “appendBackTo” to choose my own arrow

    appendBackTo: $('#nav-slider'),
    appendForwardTo: $('#nav-slider2'),

    the arrow I would like to hide are not hiding..

    Do I miss something..?

    The whole code below:

        // DOM Ready
                    appendBackTo: $('#nav-slider  span:eq(0)'),
                    appendForwardTo: $('#nav-slider  span:eq(1)'),
                    forwardText: "dhdgd<img height='20' width='20' src='//'>",
                    backText: "<img height='20' width='20' src='//'>dhdgd",
                    resizeContents      : true,
                    addWmodeToObject    : 'opaque',
                    buildNavigation     : false,
                    buildStartStop     : false,
                    infiniteSlides: false,
                    stopAtEnd: true
                // Initialize video extension
                // see for a list of parameters
                    // video id prefix; suffix from $.fn.anythingSliderVideo.videoIndex
                    videoId : 'asvideo',

    Thanks a lot !


    found the solution here :

    Use the following code

            onInitialized   : function(){
                  // hide back arrow
            onSlideComplete     : function(){
                if($('#slider .panel:not(.cloned)').first().hasClass('activePage')){
                  // hide back arrow
                if($('#slider .panel:not(.cloned)').last().hasClass('activePage')){
                  // hide forward  arrow
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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