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    After seeing Chris’s video on using jQuery (great job BTW), I am using the jquery plugin fadein effect. It is a pretty cool effect for using tabs and can be found here Everything works well. The only catch is that my page is pretty hefty due to the content of the tabs and takes a few seconds to load. While the page is loading users see all content without being listed in nice and neat tabs. So my question is: Is there a way to not load sayTabs 2-5, until Tab 1 is loaded? Essentially hide the Divs until the div before it has been loaded? This would allow my users to at least view tab 1 looking as it should. Then hopefully before they move on to next tab, those would have loaded in the background already.

    I know that jQuery’s opening argument is based off of "when the DOM is ready..", and I believe that is how all JS works. So I think that would rule out jQuery as a solution. Is this something that can be done with a combo CSS/ PHP? If so, how?

    I really appreciate your thoughts.

    Thank you,

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