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    in your latest article for the content slider, you used position:relative on the page-wrap and a few other places. Why did you need to do that.

    2. a suggestion. Do an article on why these positions need to be used and what happens if you lose the positioning. I know position:relative takes the element out of the normal flow. But it doesn’t move, so why? Still trying to wrap my head around it.

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    I use relative positioning, because I use absolute positioning to "push" the slider exactly where I want it to be with top and left values. Relative positioning is strange in that it doesn’t really take it out of the flow, it just enables a few things that the default position (static) doesn’t allow. Definitely read this to see how I like to use relative positioning: … sitioning/

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    I forgot about that article. I do believe I have read it. But what is confusing is why not just nudge the elements into place with margins and padding. wouldn’t that creat the same effect as the positioning?

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