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    I think that many people in all countries lose out on good opportunities in their lives because of the fact that they dont have a sound educational foundation.I have started a trend on helping those type of people who need to better their lives by completing their education. Any comments??

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    lol wut.

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    > lol wut.

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    Let’s just hope he clarifies….:)

    I’ll just leave this one to wither on the vine.

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    You’re more restrained that I would be @paulie_d, I would moderate with an iron fist! Mwuahaha.

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    Normally I do….but I’m trying to be more mellow these days..

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    Not sure if this person is just creating a discussion to make it seem he is a legitimate user so later he can start spamming links or if he’s serious.

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    Well this has been fun! :D

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