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    Hi guys,

    I’ve just "finished" a gallery page where, due to time restraints, I used a layout table.
    I know it was remiss of me and I’m suffering for it now:

    The cans festiva/

    Please take a look and if anyone’s got an idea of how to remake in a list structure, please clue me in.
    The function of the table is to be expandable without line break, and to provide vertical alignment.

    Oh, the page is about 11Mb total but it shouldn’t really be noticeable.


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    "2kool2" wrote:
    due to time restraints, I used a layout table.

    I can never understand this philosophy. It’s so quick and easy to build a web page when you use good well-structured,semantic html.

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    What is it about the table in this case that is a problem for you?

    I’ve been actually thinking about horizontally scrolling sites lately and I think using tables is going to turn out to be the best way to go. Basically it’s just exploiting the unique property of table cells in rows in that they will not wrap until a new rows starts. I’m not sure there is a way as simple as this using CSS. You can always float boxes to the left, but they will only go as wide as the browser window and then wrap. I thought it was fight-able with a whitespace no-wrap, but I wasn’t able to get that working with block level elements. You can fight it by setting a super-wide static width on a wrapper DIV, but that’s not ideal of course because it’s better to have it just grow as needed instead of being a static width. There may be a way, I’m not done testing yet, but as of now I’m thinking just using a table for this purpose is the easiest way to go.

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    Thanks for taking a look Chris.

    Maybe I should’ve mentioned that it’s not such a simple issue to resolve.
    But then why would I request help if it were easy?
    Perhaps "box" would’ve been wise to inspect the problem before climbing on his soap box?

    So far I’ve spent longer on resolving the issue (4 days) than I did on the total development.
    At the moment I’m seriously considering adding a row containing the artist name thereby making it a data table and pleasing the standardista in myself.

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    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what I said. To build a site using tables "due to time restraints" makes no sense to me. That’s my opinion and I stand by it.

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    Since I never used it, I’ll take just a guess:

    Did you try "display: table"? I think there are some problems with different browsers, but perhaps this could be a possible solution?!

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    Hey Jay,

    I did try display:inline-table but as you point out suport was sketchy at best.

    Well I gave up on listing the images instead of using the table.
    But in compensation the images now have artist credit and comments.

    The Cans Festival

    Served as a single page weighing 11,433.5KB I’m quite pleased with it.
    Page is loaded in stages to compensate.
    Thinking of using more servers to further improve the load time.
    It would also be interesting to see if using sprites would help.

    Still some work left though:

    1. Drop shadows div breaks in Opera.
    2. Browser height calculation applied to the table doen’t work correctly in Safari.
    3. JavaScript speed appears very slow in Safari.
    4. Credits and Links page needs more work.

    If anyone has an idea on resolving the above I’d appreciate it?

    I noted during this development that IEv7 handled large background images far better than Firefox.
    Unexpected and surprising.

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