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    I have a problem with the homepage load speed of a new template which can be seen here
    We have done everything that they say you should do to make pages load faster and combined as many images as poss into sprites.

    However, the more images that gets added to the sprites the slower the load time – which seems odd.

    Now for me it averages around 5 secs to do a full refresh on that page and you can actually see its the sprites thats delaying the load time alot which i cant understand.

    I had a look at it through firebugs "net" feature and and selected the "images" tab – did a full refresh to show how the page is loading and i think i can see why its loading so slow – it seems to be downloading the full sprite every time an image from that sprite gets loaded on the page and so the page turns out to be 1.4mb lol

    I have attached a screenshot to show you what i mean.

    So does anyone know why this is happening or what I’m doing wrong ?
    Like am I using sprites the wrong way or what ?

    Any help would be appreciated


    Total page size is 221KB for me. Loads super fast – nowhere near 5 seconds, maybe about .8 seconds. I’m on regular cable internet.


    yea it should be around the 220k – but if you have firebug and go to the "net" tab it will show 1.4mb – you need to make sure you press ctrl + f5 for a full refresh or you will just see the cached version and it will load super fast (but I want to reduce it for 1st time visitors)


    Hard refresh still only shows 320KB. I wouldn’t trust the number you’re getting.

    Run your site through here as well:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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