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    I have a few issues trying to adapt Lavalamp jquery plugin to work with menu function in WordPress.

    I created custom menu and i’m using it on my theme. It has some dropdown elements, which Lavalamp and theme’s native css don’t support, so i tried the following, which you can see here:

    Soo, as you can see, i have two main problems:
    That dropdown url is pushing all other content down when it is show.
    The other problem is thatat border around the parent element is adjusting to the width of the dropdown ul.

    Any suggestions and eventual tips for successful solution of this problem would be extremely helpful.

    $('.children li').attr('class', 'noLava');

    That will stop the child pages affecting the parent pages lavalamp.


    GreatPotato, it seems your suggestion solved my second problem.

    I tried adding position absolute to the dropdown ul, as well as z-index, but now, it only “cuts of” the menu when it, as it seems, goes out of the area of the #menubar div.

    If anyone could help with this, it would be great!


    virtual, yes i found a way to make it work, by using position:fixed (for some reason position:absolute won’t work)… the downside of this solution is that, if someone tries to scroll the page, while his mouse is on some element of the dropdown, the dropdown will stay at the top of the scree, due to it’s position:fixed.

    this is just a draft of a website, the element in the menu which has child elements will go more to the right, so it’s dropdown won’t overlap with the logo.

    you meant to say something with “BTW the s…”?


    Oh, thanks for the tip.

    In Firefox, Chrome and Opera, as well as IE8 it looks alright, but it would be too good to be true if it worked in IE6+ :) I’ll look into it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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