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    OK we are hoping to roll out a new intranet on WordPress although we require IE6 in majority of machines due to old web apps. I ahve fixed as much as I can manage and am now stuck, I have a styklesheet for IE6 which is called when the browser is detected but have issues with a few things I cant get fixed, mainly float issues and featured slider. Looking for some help!

    Taken screens as its an intranet site and not online.

    Here is a screenshot of what its supposed to be like, circled the items that dont work correct on ie6

    and what it is like on IE6

    Here is the IE6 stylesheet.

    Sofar my issues remaining,
    Top navigation menu doesnt give “hand” pointer on hover, drop down portion displays totally out of lign (can see from screen “phone book” is above everything else)
    Search form area supposed to float right, goes down onto new line
    Featured slider, text content BG image duplicates. If slider has more then 1 Item they display side by side andstretch the page out, 2nd item is not hiden
    Right hand colum buttons pushed down below content
    Long blank gap down to the footer which is not showing correctly

    Some collaboration and help on this would be great!



    CSS PIE can help with the first part if you want to use that.


    What you are seeing is more then likely the famous double margin bug in IE6, what you need to do is find all elements with a margin and half it as IE6 always multiplies a CSS margin x2 which is annoying but easily fixable in your IE6 stylesheet.


    If that is indeed the cause, a simple display: inline on the float will fix IE6


    @wolfcry911 using display: inline may work in some cases but a lot of the time this wont work as it would require more CSS to clear elements.


    @SgtLegend, not sure I follow – would love to be informed however. The display inline is overruled by the float and ignored by browsers including IE, but corrects the double margin bug. How does it affect clearing elements?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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