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    Hey, can anyone help me change this templates “Our Work” section to load up only specific images when you click on each link: All Projects,Design,Photography,Video

    Right now this section uses the same photo’s for all the sub sections and just rearranges them.

    What I need for example: “Image01.jpg” to only appear in “Design”, but right now it will also appear in “All Projects” & vice versa.

    This is the template:

    I get how to change the images but the issue is:

    There is a script or something telling the site which images to put into each section.

    example: I can add image01.jpg but it will show up in “ALL PROJECTS” whether I want it to or not and from there “ALL PROJECTS” feeds the other image sections. I can’t say I want these 4 specific images in “ALL PROJECTS” and then these totally different 3 images in the “DESIGN” section.

    HTML Lines: 135 to 287 | the “Our Work” section

    I just can’t find where the code is to change this?

    Thanks :-)


    Looking at the markup, the ‘item-thumb’ images are filtered by class so you would modify their category membership there.


    I love you Beverleyh!!

    Don’t know how I missed that, I guess staring at it for hours didn’t help.

    Thank you!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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