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    Hi y’all,

    I need some serious help getting media queries to work in IE, namely 6, 7 and 8.

    I for the life me just can’t get sh*t to work! I started off with the H5BP but then learned that there was an issue with the compressed modenizr and respond js.

    I tried a custom build of modenizr and respond making sure to include the files separately in my markup. Worked like a charm on firefox et al… needless to say failed abysmally on IE. Tried both in their uncompressed forms… same result.

    I then tried only the bare minimum; html5 shiv and respond and still media queries would not work in IE. Even tried the css3 media queries plugin and surprise surprise, IE is still being reckless!

    I then resorted to finding responsive layouts that seemed to work in browsers that don’t suck a$$ as well as IE so I could borrow (cough…copy) what was working for them. Tried 320 and Up, skeleton, the demo from initializr and too many other examples to list and I still can’t get this crud to work!

    I don’t want to serve up multiple stylesheets for IE, just want the one.

    I’m reaching out to y’all on this one. Help me to get this to work. I’ve spent the last 2 days (n nights) trying to figure this out, its driving me nuts.

    What do y’all use?? What are your methods?

    Member by Wouter van der Graaf is a JavaScript library to make IE 5+, Firefox 1+ and Safari 2 transparently parse, test and apply CSS3 Media Queries. Firefox 3.5+, Opera 7+, Safari 3+ and Chrome already offer native support.

    Haven’t tried it…but who knows?



    Many thanks for your response (no pun, just realised) … ‘ppreciate it.

    Yeah I’ve tried that plugin and still could not get it to work. Grrr…

    For anyone interested I did come across this caveat on github with regards to respond.js

    “Due to security restrictions, some browsers may not allow this script to work on file:// urls (because it uses xmlHttpRequest). Run it on a web server.”

    …aha! Found the problem, or so I thought. I put together a simple media query test changing body background color when the view port changes between the usual 320px, 480px etc widths. FTP’d the sh*t over to my webhost, fired up IE and the sh*t still refuses to comply.

    I do my work on Ubuntu and run XP on virtual box for testing purposes. If there are any known issues with this it would be great to know. I’d be at ease knowing I’m not going crazy!

    I’m actually installing a copy of windows on an old machine just to test this sh*t out to make sure this isn’t one of those “edge case” issues I read about everywhere.

    Help y’all, I’m at my wits end here with deadlines looming hahaha…gulp!


    Hi Ziku!

    I just got Paulie_D’s suggested solution working on a media queried website I’ve created in the past. I think the issue to actually linking to the script from the header of your site, not the javascript plugin itself.

    Tell me what you did to try to get CSS3 Media Queries JS working on your site and I or someone else could help you with that step.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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