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Help With Flash

  • # May 13, 2012 at 12:48 am

    Hey Everyone! I would like to thank all those who will contribute will their answers. I have been trying to embed flash on to my html document. The problem is when I upload the file on to my server and I go to the address content does not show. Though when I run the page locally it runs flawlessly. Its simply a flash video


    I could be wrong but all the source links are accurate. I have tried configuring Flash Pro setting to use flash player 10 and 10.2, I have set it to the latest flash player and have even gone lower than flash 10 but no dice. Since dreamweaver deals really well with flash integration, I also tried heading through that route with it all modern coding and additional attributes but no dice. If any person can help in spotting my mistakes and correcting my code, it would really be appreciated. Thanks
    Link to page

    # May 13, 2012 at 1:01 am

    It looks like the SWF file is trying to get data from the source FLV file called “What is that (subtitulos espanol).flv”, but at the wrong location: it’s looking for it in “Ricky/Desktop/What%20is%20that%20(subtitulos%20espa%F1ol).flv” and obviously, that wont work from the web.

    I’m not an expert in Flash but I would guess that might be where things could be wrong (no idea why though, I always thought just an SWF should be enough, yet it does show as an error).

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