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    I’m running a drupal page for my company and I’m needing help with an image slideshow. We get to use a WYSIWYG and we can select the size of the slideshow, small, medium, or large. I unfortunately cannot share the link because it’s a secured intranet.

    My issue is that I do not want all the images to be the same size. I want them to inherit their original size. Using the editor, I have the ability to see some HTML. Once I lookup the slide show HTML that I have available, there is an


    h4> tag and a tag. The img tag references a slide URL.

    When I inspect the element in the browser, it has DIV classes I cannot see in the WYSIWYG which dictates more properties that determine the size of the image. I do not seem to have access to this code.

    If I open the image properties in the editor, it gives me a width and height properties. I can even go to advance and see a Stylesheet Classes box and a Style box but it won’t accept any CSS I add.

    Any ideas? Maybe a end all CSS property at the end tag that will ignore all other CSS and just use original photo size?


    Hey Adam,

    You should definitely be able to do this via CSS especially if you can give each one of the images it’s own class so that you can target them each individually.

    At the very least, you should be able to override the existing CSS so that you can make the adjustments that you’re looking to make.

    One thing that can be tricky about Drupal is how many classes it adds to the elements on the page by default, but depending on which modules you have installed and if you’ve defined any custom view modes, both of those could present some problems as well.

    I hope this helps – do reach out if you need anything else!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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