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    So i’ve tried getting a custom font with the @font-face css codes.. But the text looks too rough/crisp.
    I want the typefaces to look more smooth, like they’ve been typed in Photoshop; it looks like that can be achieved with PHP Image replacement
    Basically I want to know if anybody else is able to follow that tutorial and succeed?? Because, even if I download the attatched files provided, it still won’t work (the broswer recognises the headings as images (so you can click and drag .etc), but the font is still Times New Roman :S
    If anybody could help, it would be much appreciated. I’ve been racking my head over other methods such as sFIR or whatever, but this seems to be the most straightforward.


    I just followed the tutorial. Downloaded the source files. Extracted all in one place. Worked right away and I was able to customize it using my own .TTF fonts.

    Kinda neat little thing. Only to bad it doesn’t support javascript manipulation. So i’ll stick with @font-face

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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