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    I’m remaking some code for a survey-system I’m the maintainer of. And one of the problems is adding remainders for the survey invites.

    I made this:

    I have adapted it slightly for the codepen since the original has some prefilled data coming from an ASP-codeblock. But for the codepen demo I’ve prefilled only one reminder (as you must have atleast one). The current solution is in a working state, but then… plot twist. The software needs to support IE down to 7. And when loading it in IE, nothing works. Not even the table design :/.

    Some more metadata:
    There is a maximum of 5 reminders.
    You can only delete the last reminder at every point in time.
    You can not delete the first reminder (since it’s compulsory).

    I’ve just started focusing my development on javascript. So JS codestructure and such is not at it’s best. Feel free to give advice on such ;)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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