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    Greetings I am new to the forums, but been visiting the site for while and enjoy the articles and info.

    My problem/question is that I have read on how to make a DIV background with a level of Opacity without affecting any text. My test of performing these recommendations have not worked and have always resulted in complete Opacity for all content.

    My situation is that I have a relative positioned Div floating above another DIV and want to make the background 0% Opacity (completely transparent – maybe that’s termed 100% Opacity) so that the graphics of the DIV underneath will show through.

    Thanks in advance for the assistance.

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    I am not quite sure what your presice question is, but here is Chris his article about Non-Transparent Elements Inside Transparent Elements and here is another article from someone else about Cross-browser transparent columns. I hope you can do something with it… :?

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    Thanks so much.

    I found from another source that Opacity and Transparency are different. What I am looking to accomplish is a transparent background color on a DIV that had text, without making the text transparent.

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    My suggestion to make a transparent background color of a div, without affecting the text inside, is to make a 1x1px transparent PNG graphic of the color you want. Then apply it via a CSS background image. This will only work with flat colors, but it sounds like that’s what you are after.

    I’m not sure where you read that opacity and transparency are different, but that’s just not true :cry:

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