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    We are currently designing a page for a Plastic Surgeon and would love everyone’s feedback which color scheme they feel works better (and why, if you had some extra time). The client is requesting a “medi-spa-like” feel. Skin tones, calming, but still fresh. Without further ado…

    Color Scheme #1:

    Color Scheme #2:

    Thanks everyone!


    I prefer #1. My main problem with #2 is the lack of contrast. Everything is sort of pale and green. The splash of blue in #1 adds a little bit of character and something to direct the user’s eye.


    I vote draft one. I enjoy the small amount of blue, the toolbar is calmer and more earthy. The blue in #1 really directs the user’s eye. Make sure you use this blue wisely!


    Great comments everywhere guys! We prefer the #1 as well, but the designer of the logo felt it infringed on their branding and so #2 is her reccomendation as a result.

    While that is true in a way, we feel designing for the web is a different animal all together and the user needs/wants something that will guide them to the most prominent areas as well as something that clearly demonstrates what is a link and what is merely decorative.

    Thanks again guys…open to and all feedback you may have in addition!


    Number #2 worked for me better when I took a quick glance at both, purely because of the green in the logo matching with the navigation and button etc.

    The colours on #1 looked a bit random, almost like too many colors, almost like the logo had been put into a template.

    I vote #2 based on the consistency in the branding.


    I much prefer #1 – it feels more relaxed and trustworthy.

    One thing though – the “Home” and “Contact” buttons arn’t centered compared to the others, I don’t know if it’s intentional or not, but it doesn’t sit right with me..

    Love the overall design though!


    @Mitchell – That is great feedback! We have since toned down some of the colors but I can see your points. Our next step is to try and perhaps fit the blue (or some other variation of it) into that design and see if it makes sense.

    – That was probably my eyes in Photoshop not catching that…it’s not intentional but it’s also not a final draft…good eye and thanks!

    @Adman – We agree completely and that picture is just a placeholder, she is getting a full-color headshot taken and we will use that when the time comes.


    Thanks for the feedback everyone…the client chose #1 without equivocation. I still appreciated all the comments here and I will be playing with colors and contrast further, but the first comment they had was “LOVE the blue.” So that’s that. Thanks all!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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