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  • # June 6, 2009 at 8:00 am

    Hi guys,
    i d say i found your website on PostRank! and really i was looking for someone who works with CSS & javascript .
    im trying to translate their PostRank widget into arabic and i got some problems (excuse me as im a beginner in web design) :
    ‘Toipc:’ word when i tranlsated it into arabic ,then i needed it to be on the right, i tried to change with text-align:right but it stayed on left but with unstyled code it works !as my template is RTL so any idea how to fore it to be on the right even with custumized style?

    the other issue is the box where we type search texts , how i could resize it ( change its width) ?
    here the javascript code :
    and the CSS one :

    # June 10, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    Could you include a screenshot or a working site? I’m a bit confused…

    Do you want the "Topic:" word to be on the right side of the box? Or do you need the text to align-right? If it works unstyled then you probably have an "align:left" overriding your "align:left" (or it could be floated left).

    To resize the input box look for this line:

    .postrank-widget .postrank-options .postrank-topicsearch input{ width: 100%; }

    The width is currently set to 100% which means it will fill the surrounding box.

    If you have a working image of the text trouble you’re having it would be more helpful,

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