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    Hi everyone and thanks for taking a look at my post.

    I’m a graphic designer who has been tasked with creating a new web site for a company I work for. The only previous web design I’ve done was using WYSIWYG software (Adobe GoLive) and the site was bloated and sluggish to say the least! So this time I took the decision to hand code it using web standards and in the process re-learn HTML/XHTML and learn CSS from scratch. Everything was going OK and I’ve been pleased with the progress I’ve made……until I viewed my site in IE (6 or 7)!

    You can view what I’ve done here : http//

    The transparency issues with the .png’s I was expecting and have already started researching fixes for it but whats with the background?? surly thats basic CSS that IE should handle?!?! What am I doing wrong??

    Any help would be very, very appreciated.

    Thanks in advance



    OK, I’ve sorted the background issue! :D Turns out IE didn’t like the face that there was no gap between the repeat-x for my background image and the hex code for the background colour.

    background:url(images/background_top.jpg) repeat-x#3d3c3c;

    background:url(images/background_top.jpg) repeat-x #3d3c3c;

    and now it works. Just need to fix transparency now.

    One other thing that is puzzling me, when I view the site in a standards browser a scroll bar comes up on the x axis as if there is content over to the right of the viewing area, when you scroll to the right the bottom background image doesn’t repeat but the top one does and there is no content there, why is this happening? and the really strange thing is that it isn’t happening in IE 6?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! what’s that all about?

    Thanks in advance.



    HAHA! Sorted it! Good old Coda helped me track it down with its great DOM inspector. I’d neglected to set a width value for one of my images so its div box was ending way over to the right. Used the unit png fix and all is right with the world now!.

    I must stop having these forum conversations with my self!! :lol:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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