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    I need to add different classes to different anchor elements. The code is dynamically generated so hard coding is out. I’m a complete learner with jQuery though I understand the basics.


    Above is a simplified version of the dynamically output code. I need to get the text from between the anchor then add it as a class to the same anchor it was pulled from. So the output will be:


    The closest I’ve got with jQuery is this:

    var Text = $(“ul.colors a “, this) .text();
    $(“ul.colors a”, this) .addClass(“”+ Text +””);

    But I seem to end up with BlueWhiteGreen as the class for each of the anchors. Any help?

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    var text = ”;

    $(“ul.colors li a”).each(function(){

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    $(document).ready(function() {
    $(‘ul.colors a[href*=/color/blue/]’).addClass(‘blue’);
    $(‘ul.colors a[href*=/color/white/]’).addClass(‘white’);
    $(‘ul.colors a[href*=/color/green/]’).addClass(‘green’);

    This also good?

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    just to clarifiy.

    You wanted a script that would take the value that the anchor tags were linking to <a>This Text</a> and use it as a class?

    This is what Chris has done.

    var text = ”;

    $("ul.colors li a").each(function(){
    $(this).addClass($(this).text()); //the .text() will take the text that the element is wrapped around.

    So what chris’s script does is on load, target the anchor tags in the list items within the UL with the class colors – then for each of them add the class which is generated by using .text() to find it in your link.

    Isn’t that what you wanted?

    They way you have done it means that for each link you add you have to edit your script to make the changes, its not dynamic in a sense.

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    @robskiwarrior Yes that is exactly what I want. The value of the anchor is pulled from a database that could have new ‘colors’, in this example, added. So doing it like @noahgelman would requird me to always be updating my jQuery. My original way would get all the values of all the anchors in the ul, resulting in all anchors being given a the same class of BlueWhiteGreen. Of course this would be useless as I need the class to pull in some CSS.

    I have yet to test the solution by @chriscoyier but it looks like it should do the trick. I’ll be back later to share. Thank you all.

    UPDATE: I’ve just implemented the solution from @chriscoyier and it works as intended. Thank you.

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    Awesome news Terry :D

    Just wasn’t sure that you needed something else and we miss-understood :)

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