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    i am sorry if my english language is not good, ia am an indonesian,…

    i want to ask a question about template web,…

    how to make curve in this template with css template


    I suspect that you will find that those curves are done with images and then carefully positioned.


    are that possible if make it with css,….?


    You could probably fake it with some unsemantic positioned divs and a gradient but it would not be supported by IE.

    If you have the template, just slice out the images and use them.


    i have the image , but if i make the curve with photoshop, it will be heavy for my website,….

    no matter if in IE not supprort, i will make the curve like that with css,…

    what kind scrip must i made,…?


    It would be a radial gradient. As an alternative you could use an image with a border radius.


    i had tried with -moz-border-radius , but the result in gradient like a half cirle, not like the image,….


    Just adjust each corder independently:

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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