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  • repeat in php

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      here is the code. this is a small calendar application. bt, if i add more than one events in this, the loop also runs the

    • . is there any way,i can call multiple events within the same

    • these are the things i want to repeat in the same li tag;

      echo "

      ".$event.", ";
      echo $event.", ";
      echo $event

      here is the complete code

      $calender_object=new calendar("03-04-2011");

      foreach($days as $day) {

      echo "
    • ".$day.",
      echo $day.",";

      $event_object= new event($day);
      foreach($events as $event) {
      echo "

      ".$event.", ";
      echo $event.", ";
      echo $event.",

    • ";


    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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