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    So, here’s the story that I’m sure we have all heard. A family member of mine has her own ecommerce website and had a friend do it and it has been in the works for a couple years and is still NOT WORKING. She comes to me and says she may need my help getting this up and running properly. Under any circumstance I would be more than happy to help a family member out. The problem is I’m not all that familiar with building an ecommerce site by myself, at work we have a backend programmer who would usually set all of that stuff up.

    It looks like the site uses Magento, which I’ve never worked with before. The site has poor coding with tons of unnecessary divs (in my opinion), broken images and virtually no SEO, which is the least of the worries now and she would just like to get the site working finally.

    I’m not familiar with the site at all, so I’m not sure if I should just start it over and do it a better way or just try and fix what has been done already. The most familiar open source ecommerce system is nopCommerce. What do you guys think the best way of going about saving this site would be? You can view it here to get a better idea: []( “”)

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Wow, check out that “clears.css”

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    @jkinney768 I agree with @ben_boomer.

    [Big Cartel]( “”) is another popular choice you should look into.

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    @jkinney768 As far as i’m aware they work just fine _’out of the box’_ as they both have site templates you can choose from.

    If you have no knowledge in coding you might find yourself a little limited in regards to changing the styling and layouts.

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