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    I am new to JS and JQ, guide me how learn.

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    I’m assume he’s looking for guidance on resources for learning Javascript & jQuery.

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    Good Jquery course here from Jeffrey Way –

    You’d need to have a basic understanding of JavaScript concepts to follow along well.

    I’d also recommend Team Treehouse (costs money but definitely worth it).

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    If you learn jQuery then you will be learning JavaScript as that all jQuery is.

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    First do the JS course from Codecademy. Then refer other tutorials and sources for jQuery. One of them is thenewboston on YouTube.

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    Read some books or visit w3schools. First start with javaScript. If you want to learn something, read and write code, try to do some stuff and examine some examples, to see how it really work.

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    @redhornet – W3Schools is bad and should feel bad. See here –

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    I seem to be getting a ‘Error loading URL’ page when I’m visiting that website @andy_unleash.

    Did you type it correctly ;)

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    Yeah it’s a legit site, just google it.

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    Link worked for me.

    It’s ‘vocal’, but once it’s made made its point…there’s nothing there of any use.

    @andy_unleash – This is a cracking link:

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    @mathu : I agree with @trollster, codeacademy has some really good learning tools. And as always, i strongly suggest learning javascript fundamentals before learning the ultra awesome jQuery. But that is the programmer side of me coming out, if you wanna be limited to just fancy little animations and junk then jump right into jQuery.

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    Yeah, I agree with @JohnMotylJr; learn JavaScript first, then move on to the jQuery library. A couple of good books to read are JavaScript: The Good Parts and JavaScript Enlightenment.

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    I’ve just began my JS journey. is amazing.

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    @DeTodo : It’s very simplistic and they teach the very fundamentals at first. I always suggest codeacademy to everyone learning javascript, if reading books isn’t your thing ya know. I have fiddled with it a little and it was buggy when i wanted to do some kind of shortcuts etc, but i totally recommend it and i’m glad you’re enjoying it so far.

    @joshuanhibbert : Have you ever read any O’Reilly books? i’m pretty sure they have videos as well (not sure if they are free or not).

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