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    I face some Problems with CSS. Please Visit this link. Please give me any perfect solutions.

    HTML Code:

    <!DOCTYPE html>
        <style type="text/css" media="screen">
        *{margin: 0;padding: 0;}
        ul{max-height: 100vh !important;width: 100vw !important;}
            li{width: 45vw;height: 50vh;text-align: center;}

    Looks like one for flexbox and flex-direction: column.


    li {display:inline-block;}


    I liked your original post/answer better, @shikkediel. ;)


    I , for one, dislike doing someone’s homework for them.

    Just saying :>)


    After the question got tidied up I thought I’d leave out the first bit, @Senff. I’m sure the message came across though. Of course that doesn’t take anything away from the fact that the initial post is apparently linking to the site of a “leading web company” (with a CSS3 icon) of which one wouldn’t expect this kind of question.


    That doesn’t seem at all relevant or helpful, pointless really.


    It was meant as a defense for you, Senff and others who actually help people on here. What others see as doing homework for others could well be a building block, and encouragement. If it weren’t for some here, now gone, who did my “homework” for me and took the time to explain in great detail all my questions as to how/why, I’d have given up on coding from the get-go.

    What those like you do is much better than asking for code pens then abandoning the person once supplied. Usually someone like you steps in and answers the question without the much coveted “pen”.


    @sea-ss If you were trying to show the yawning emoticon, don’t use it in an anonymous pen — that kind of defies the purpose. Instead, embed it in the post itself:


    Anyhoo. Please don’t think that we are not trying to help. We do, all the time, when a question is asked correctly and when it’s legit. But let’s be fair; when a professional, self-declared leading company drops some code and just says “I have some problems with CSS, please give me any perfect solutions.” (without much elaboration) does come across as a little sketchy.

    It’s far from a situation where someone just needs a little encouragement or help to keep going, which we are happy to give in most situations.



    The pen was in response to the frequent ridiculous requests for a codepen to be provided where others, like yourself and Shikkediel, answer the questions posed without a pen being provided. I figured I might be asked by a certain person to provide a pen for the emoticon and decided to cut to the chase.

    I’m not registered with codepen because it is over-requested to be used, when oftentimes it isn’t necessary. I use a competitor for just this reason.

    Regarding your point that “…when a professional, self-declared leading company drops some code and just says “I have some problems with CSS, please give me any perfect solutions.” (without much elaboration) does come across as a little sketchy.” I totally agree, but newbies often have grand visions of being great before they are, if ever. Just because someone has their head in the clouds, or elsewhere, is no reason to refuse help, or ask for a pen then ignore them. I am speaking as an old man with his feet firmly planted on the ground, because of age, who was once young and had his head in the clouds, and elsewhere. Probably still do at times in many ways.

    Keep up he good work on helping others. I look in here frequently for pointers but no longer take part because it is just too tedious to deal with the nonsense that ruins the fun of participating.



    I wouldn’t take that sort of thing too personal, at times we get quite overwhelmed here with unclear or insufficient questions and some have to “police” the place a bit to try and steer this in the right direction. This forum is still a friendly place, elsewhere people often get virtually shot off at the knees for posting such questions – and their content deleted. The members/mods that are critical here, usually go the extra mile to post great answers too.

    My idea would be to just keep participating. Stick around long enough and you might get just as annoyed at some questions as I do – especially the ones you have to read several times and still have no clue what it’s actually about. Then ignore or comment on it and move on to the next one that’s worth the time…


    Oh I fully understand the frustration that you feel. I’ve taken a number of posters to task for being rude to those who try to help. Another thing that frosts my flakes is the lack of “thank you’s” as with the OP here. I was raised in a small Mid-Western town in the U.S. in a different time. (I’m now a European resident.) and I recall common courtesy, please and thank you. Those are rare today.

    Anyway, I greatly admire the skill ALL of you have with coding, and although I try, and read often, much of it is beyond my grasp. I’ve always been one who needs to be shown through demonstrations than with just reading “how to”. If I can see the code I can often “back engineer” it by taking it apart bit-by-bit and seeing what changes. With that I can figure out what does what, but even with that there are things I just don’t grasp. If I knew someone personally who has a deep understanding of the various codes, I’d hire them to come to my home and tutor me. Sadly for me I don’t.



    I can relate to the lack of a simple “thanks” or OPs returning at all to a topic to state if it was helpful or not.

    As to the coding guidance… showing enough effort in initial posting will make members here go a long way in trying to help out, I think. Even while explaining the steps.

    This paragraph should be in small letters – but we don’t have those. Without attempting a character analysis, I think Paulie’s attitude isn’t unkind but rather on the friendly side of sardonic. Something that’s personally quite useful with the general mentality that’s around today and a demeanor I think every forum needs to create boundaries.

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