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    guys i have tried every possible way to fix this issue but with no luck
    to be more clear ..
    if you go to this page
    and take a look at the breadcrumb ” Home > Products” .. everything works just fine on Firefox,Chrome,Safari,Opera,IE9,Ie8

    but if you try with IE7
    the arrow image is covering the “Home” and its not alligned correctly..
    can anyone help plz ?


    I checked it on IE 6 and its a mess there. Therefore, I am assuming you don’t need it to display properly on IE 6. How about a css hack targeting IE 7 and below? apply a margin to it..

    #main-area h2 spam img{
    *margin-left: howEverManyPixesYouNeed;
    // The * targets IE7 and bellow…
    I don’t know if you noticed, but also, on IE7, there is a big image under the footer..


    thanks for the reply ..
    i actually dont need IE6 .
    and the image you see on IE7 under the footer..well i dont know what causes showed twice for me but whenever i refresh it goes away .

    i tried the *margin-left and its the same..whenever the slider above it presents a new image the arrow w’d move again
    the only way i got it to work is by moving the

    tag and the breadcrumb inside it above the main-area.
    so i dont know..could be somthing with java .


    i mean the “h2” tag


    ok guys.. i’ve fixed it
    for some reason..adding an empty div to the top of h2 tag fixed the problem .
    ty renancoelho .

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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