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    Ok I’ll start this by saying I’m more of a graphic web designer than a coder, though I’ve dabbled in the past mostly using wysiwyg. I struggle with hand-coding html and css. Ok, so excuses out the way ;) here’s my problem. I’m currently in process of redesigning my portfolio site, and having used a (dastardly as you willl no doubt say) webplus wysiwyg prog (dreamweaver has apparently died on my pc here), and coffecup, have the graphics absolute positioned on page

    I know, i know, the code is a mess, mottie was the first to let me know that! (sup mottie) but what you can hopefully see if that I’m attempting to move the main content in their div’s into the slider div. I’ve sort of had some success but when it comes to absolute placement of images at Left:1443px when they’re in the middle of the screen, alarm bells start ringing; I’m really hacking at the code like a boy scout attempting to fell an oak with a penknife, in order to get the elements in the right place and I know this is inevitably bad news later down the line (in fact, this evening I ventured to view it in the *adorable IE8, having been a staunch Chrome user for couple of years now where it works perfectly. well, -ish). I had a fright! (as you will too if viewed there).

    *Famous British sarcasm

    Ok my friends so what’s gone wrong? Where do I go from here? I realise ideally what needs to be done is a lovely hand-coding job from scratch, but I just don’t have the knowledge, time, money, and frankly inclination for that. Outsource you say? See: ‘money’.

    The IE problem seems mainly that 1. the anything slider doesnt work because of something I’ve broken in the code no doubt, and 2. what the # is that about with the background? i wasn’t having that problem before:

    So, solutions: 1. Quickfix is i dont worry about the nasty code and some fine fair fella (or filly) can instruct me on the best way to css the lh image, and the rh text in place inside the slider (this sounds so unbelievably simple, and im sure is to code-king (or queen) but I’ve struggled for hours on this already and that was before the IE problem.
    2. I re-code from scratch. This I know is the best solution. Coding is good, nay, a necessity for even he who claims to be a visual web designer. I know, I know. But my time is money, and alas my watch is broken. ….Or something like that.
    3. Some fine fair fella / filly sorts it all out for me, because, in fact, it’s as peasy as cheesey peas to do for a flame fingered fella (or filly).

    Over to you, tricksters…

    p.s I’m open to comment+opinion on the design, when imagined working. Hopefully it’s a little cleaner and avante-garde relatively speaking (again, imagined working – this might require Chrome over IE), than my last incarnation designed a few years ago:


    On another note

    This would sound better

    “You talk, we listen, together we create”

    Sorry that’s not really very helpful is it?! :D


    Something’s better than nothing Brightonmike. Answers to cure my code ills would be even better! :)


    Ok so I took a look at the source and what you’ve got there is way too complicated for my understanding so disregard my previous comment that I’m editing out right now if you’ve already read it :D


    All solved by much toiling and removing erroneous div tags. phew! thanks guys.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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