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    I have been working on forcing a site to use Miller Banner and Proxmia Nova fonts only. As of Friday was told it was showing fine on machines other than mine and in all browsers, however the reviewers for approval of the site say they are not showing up correctly. Why is it some are seeing it fine others not. The site is Can anyone help me solve this issue? Pulling my hair out!! Thanks in advance.

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    @Aroostook Well, first of all, you generated Proxima Nova via Font Squirrel which is against the EULA that Mark Simonson has provided for his fonts. You have options to use Proxima Nova via a webfont distributor.

    Additionally, Proxima Nova is not meant to be set in such a small size.

    # February 4, 2013 at 10:28 am

    I do have license to use it… it is being used that small on Lincoln site. Does it show up correctly for you. Should I be adding my license to my css? I really can use all the advice you can give me!! Thanks ChrisBurton

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    @Aroostook What makes me believe that you don’t have a proper license is that usually webfont distributors will provide you the CSS for self-hosted options along with encoding @font-face. This prevents others from being able to figure out where the font files are so others will not be able to download them. Also, Font Squirrel is not a webfont distributor that carries Proxima Nova in those styles (or at all) which makes me believe you have downloaded the font elsewhere (illegally).

    Can I see the license you have?

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    Is there an email address I can use for you. I will gladly share all if you can help me to get this sucker to work!! :)

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    @Aroostook email removed

    Update: The OP and I solved the issue via email.

    Note: She has a webfont license via Font Spring.

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