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    I am looking to make/find a select list where the user can select multiple items. Much like [this pen](

    However my use case has specific requirements where the above link falls short and I can’t find any thing that will.

    First it needs to have a look and feel much like that the example. It needs to allow for multi select (with control or shift). If the user select the list box and pushes a key, the selection should go to the first row with that starts with that letter. And here is the sticking point. It will have a static height and width and needs to scroll, in both directions.

    As many know the example above using s standard select list does not allow/work for horizontal scrolling.

    The best I have been able to find is [this project]( But out of the box it does not support horizontal scrolling. After enabling it by changing the CSS, some of the functionality of the vertical scrolling no longer works correctly. Example, when you push a key and the list box highlights the first row, it is under the scroll bar.

    I wanted to toss a question out there as I try to figure out how to fix the above project, is there something out there that may be helpful to me? I am assuming this problem has been solved but have not found a good answer…

    Thank you for any help or pointers.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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