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    I’ve recently launched my new site, []( “”) and would love to hear from fellow CSS Tricks followers. What do you think, is it ok, is it crap and why, of course.

    Any and all responses are well appreciated.
    Thank you.



    I like the interactivity in your website, some great graphics, whether you made them yourself I don’t know but they’re cool.

    I think your blog looks pretty neat with the crumpled paper effect for the background of the post excerpts and the pagination images you’ve used.

    One thing I did notice was that there doesn’t seem to be any PHP validation going on in your form on the contact page. I just entered a message into the textarea and missed out the name and email and it didn’t give me any feedback whatsoever.

    I kinda don’t get the mountain background you’ve used on the homepage, it may look better with a piece of paper image, just a thought.

    What would be a nice touch would be having a jQuery slider horizontally scrolling within the iPhone screen. That would look cool.

    But overall, well done man!



    Thanks for the speedy response!
    All of the graphics on the site is made by me. I tend to never use any third party resources, not even Photoshop brushes.

    You’re definitely right about the contact form validation. I should get my act together and buy a license for [Formidable Ppro]( “Formidable Pro WordPress Plugin”) .

    The whole idea behind the illustrations and graphics is that it’s stuff I either own and/or like. I really do have those dorky glasses and use my own guitar picks. The mountain graphic is there because I was born in a small mountain town and love hiking up big ol’ mountains. But I can see how it looks odd and misplaced. I should try some other type of imagery, maybe more suited for what I do.

    I like your idea about a jQuery slider on the iPhone a lot, it’s definitely something I’m going to implement. Maybe I’ll take it even further and spruce the whole site up with a bunch of easter eggs for users to uncover.

    Thank you for you feedback, I really appreciate it!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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