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    Hopefully somebody might be able to help with my dilemma on here…..

    Background – I am designing a new website for a client, using wordpress as the CMS, they are a radio station and need the features that most stations have. Most of this wont be a problem bar the 2 problems i’m having so far.

    Problem number 1

    A Carousel on the homepage. I need to have a carousel on the homepage that can be edited within WordPress (or perhaps another CMS and then Iframed into the index.php page). I’ve been searching and searching and searching but can’t find one.

    Here is an example of what I need…..…….


    The site is created with WordPress and they have a carousel, no doubt it has been custom created but I was wondering if any new of anything like this for wordpress that can then be edited within the CMS of wordpress instead of by code….

    Any ideas? Fixes? Solutions? Links?

    Problem number 2

    And here is the next problem. As it is a radio station it needs to include a full schedule within an ‘on air now’ bit on the front of the website. I have been searching and searching for one within WordPress and yet again can’t find one.

    I have found one that works within E107 but it just isn’t good enough and would required more work that its worth to get it working with Iframes and extra code etc.

    Here are some examples……



    I need it to link the homepage/schedule page/dj’s page together like the E107 plugin does (

    I really hope you guys can help me and I would be really really really really really really really grateful for anything! Even if you only know about 1 part of my problem, everything would help.

    Thanks in advance again…

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    The most obvious solution to your first question is some sort of featured content slider. A Google search for ‘wordpress featured content slider’ turned up 253000 suggestions. Here’s a nice one from the first page

    As for the second one, perhaps you could hack something like this

    That’s about all I have. Sorry.

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