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height propegation from leaf to branches?

  • # March 29, 2010 at 6:07 pm


    So, I know that height 100% only propagates DOWN the DOM. Which is fine and dandy.

    But I have a different issue.

    Say I have a structure like so:

    some stuff in here of variable height
    some stuff in here of variable height

    Now the layout is perfect, in that I can get the modules to be dynamic height, and the second module correctly appears in the next row and all that…

    Except when I inspect using firebug, it looks to firebug as if the someModule has no height [which it doesn’t explicitly because it is dynakic in height] which means that even though the secondBlock appears correctly after it, firebug has its x,y origin actually much higher than where it should be. Which results in bad placement of my background image on secondBlock…?

    I’ve had this issue before. Essentially I need a div to communicate its height (or width) UP the DOM, instead of just passing nothing upwards… so that the next DIV section knows where it is…

    Any Suggestions?



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