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    My headers are loading after the body- it makes for a distracting couple seconds.

    The site in question :

    specifically all the sub pages as you flip between them:

    for example

    I have been searching for awhile to find a thread with some CSS code I can add in to fix this. I have re-hosted a couple images from WordPress to Fliker to see if it helps- it doesn’t. I have compressed all the image files- didn’t make a difference. Wondering if some CSS can be implemented to force the header to load first?


    I have been searching for awhile to find a thread with some CSS code I can add in to fix this.

    You have 31 stylesheets already (and 25 JavaScript files) and you want to add more? In your shoes I would be looking for ways to reduce all site assets (size and quantities); combining, minification, removal of all add-on/plugins you’re not using (and only load them in the pages that use them). Perceived load can also be improved by moving the JS to the bottom of the page – that way the JS won’t block the rendering of everything else.

    Unfortunately, I’m not as familiar with WordPress as I am with Joomla but there should be tutorials out there to help you with asset loading and best practices in WordPress.


    Apart from Beverley’s suggestions, there’s not much you can do but make the image smaller. It’s hard coded as a background image in the HTML, near the top of the page, so it will start loading as quickly as possible. It will always take some time for a first time visitor to download and cache it. There seems to be little need for a 180kB image though.


    Here’s some more clues on optimisation:

    Link to Google PageSpeed


    Thanks everyone. Has anyone had experience with a CDN? I was researching purchasing this to help with the load times. would love any feedback.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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