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    First time poster on this forum.

    My question, in simplest form: what is the best way to assign h1 and h2 tags in Archive/Category pages?

    I am working with Chris’ Blank theme, and have already modified:
    – header.php to give h1 tag to Site on the home page, and to put it into a Div with no h-tag for all other pages.
    – on the home page, Post-titles get h2 tags.
    – on single.php, Post-title get h1 tags.
    (I am becoming more familiar with SEO considerations, which is why I have implemented the above so far.)

    My uncertainty re handling Archive/Category pages includes seeing different treatment of these tags in the Blank theme versus Css-Tricks v7 Archives page:

    In Blank, the Archive-title or Category-title gets h2 tag. Then the Post titles also get h2 tags. The unaltered Blank header would give the Site Logo an h1 tag.

    In Css-Tricks v7 Archives page, if I am reading the source/firebug correctly, I see:
    – no h1 tag at all
    – h2 tag for Archive-page title
    – h5 tag for "Some people like to browse"
    – Post titles are links, with no h-tags

    Perhaps Archive/Category-title should get an h1, and the Post-titles should get h2. This would treat Archive/Category in a way similar to the home page (ie- Post-titles get h2 tag), except that the h1 tag would be placed on the Archive/Category-title.

    Thanks for any thoughts! –Bill


    I would be throwing an h1 on the Archive/Category title. The title of the page should always be in an h1, in my opinion.

    Having the post-titles under that be in an h2 is perfect. I usually make sidebars have a max of h3.

    Chris Coyier

    Yeah basically my Archive page should have an h1 there. I did some switching around in this version where the site title only has an h1 on the homepage and all other pages the h1 should be the title of that page. Obviously a few got missed =)



    Thanks for the quick feedback. As I originally posted, I’d been wondering if this was the way to go (ie, h1 for Archive/Category, h2 for Post title, and h3 on sidebars), and I appreciate the confirmation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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