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    Hi, this is more like a general query than a cry for help.
    I’m not so gifted on the design part of things and I was just wondering – would it be visually disturbing to see a different background colour on a different page?
    I’m making a website for my university work but I am also making it for my friend who is an app developer. I’d like the site – obviously – to mimic the app he is currently making and I thought it might be a neat idea to have the background colour mimic the colours of the app.
    He’s making a dice app and there are about 5 different coloured die that he is using so I thought it would be nice to have different pages have a single colour that is the same as the die.
    Sorry if I confuse you with all of this waffle.

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    It can be a bit jarring, but it might also give it a very nice touch. What I would be careful to ensure is that the rest of the design is cohesive enough to handle the background being different.

    I saw an interesting blog a while back where the different categories had their own colour, and when you went to an article in a category, the main heading was the corresponding colour.

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    Well I was going to just change the heading at first, but then I thought it might have been nice to have a different background each time.
    I do understand that it could look a bit overwhelming and I was just generally seeking some advice :)
    I would think the design could handle it, but I’m second thinking now haha.
    Thanks for such a quick reply.

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