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    Hi Wizards,

    I’m a student and webdesign is a hobby. I don’t do any client work. I simply create websites for fun. But there is one thing that i cant remember and that is the form elements. I understand how they work but i keep forgetting. All the other elements (tables, head, formatting elements,) i can remember like its in the back of my hand.

    How do i solve this problem. Could anyone recommend excersises or tutorials to build forms.

    Thank you,

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    I like using w3Schools when I forget stuff…

    Hope that helps :)

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    are you talking about the actual form???


    but here is a place to start:

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    "ikthius" wrote:
    beaten by 1 min by robski

    I am lightning! lol

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    Thanks alot guys. I guess you gotta just practice and practice and practice.


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    Yeah I’d say just build more forms =) You’ll get it. There really isn’t THAT many.

    form, input, label is 90% of it. Once in a while select, option, and textarea.

    And just remember input has lots of types: text, radio, checkbox, submit ….

    Build your forms from scratch, instead of grabbing pre-existing stuff will help tremendously. I used to despise it, but I find a kind of weird beauty in it now. Doing it right there is just loads of attributes. A single input likely has an ID, a class, a value, and a type. And it’s label has a for which matches the ID. Tons of attributes in forms, a beautiful mess.

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    "Robskiwarrior" wrote:
    "ikthius" wrote:
    beaten by 1 min by robski

    I am lightning! lol

    your reply was so fast dude, I never even seen it till now :D

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