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    While I know my way around the internet and work as an electronic tech with computers, I am defiantly not a webmaster. Ten years ago I built a professional looking website to promoted motivational tapes for a large company of a friend using Geocities. However, back then text, different colors, pictures and links was the extent of most webpages. So aside from using the extinct Geocities page builder, a web based HTML drag and drop editor, several years ago I have no website building experience.

    Recently, a few months ago, I decided to use my free time to built a website. This website will be an informative website for the repair of 4-wheelers. I will have an area of links that lead to separate pages of embedded “how to” video’s with specs and text instructions below, a forum, picture gallery, news article area, and possibly a blog are other possibilities. A site I really like the lay out and graphics of is

    My first strategy was to research and buy a software for building websites. However, I found that many web host offer free tools to build websites. I played with different hosting service tools for weeks. The only one that slightly impressive me was Wix and their flash based building tool. While it was nice I feel it had limitations. I may would of went this route but I read 100’s of complaints about bad hosting service. Upon more research I subscribed to a 2-year blue host hosting plan and bought a URL. I read and heard lots of good things about WordPress so I installed it. After playing with it for a week I uninstalled it and installed Drupal. I played with it for a week before researching and finding out that these are CMS not web building apps. I later played with Weebly, I was able to make webpages but they are basic, far less quality than Wix’s flash builder offered.

    I reinstalled WordPress however I now realize I made a circle. I believe I just need a little guidance.

    1. Where do I start? With a CMS or with an HTML or Flash based website building software?
    I prefer something like the old Geocities Page, however, I don’t care to be restricted to layouts and templates.
    2. How about graphics and backgrounds? Should I have pictures, logos, and graphics as my first step?
    3. If you had to guess what do you think was used to build the site from start to finish including the graphics, CMS(or does it even have one), and other tools used to build the site?

    Thanks for you time I greatly appreciate your response.


    if i were you (or anyone who just wants a site without having to build everything from scratch), id go to and have a look around.

    i’m sure one of their wordpress themes will have all or most of the features you need and save you a ton of time at a fairly low cost.

    they also have decent standards for what they let into the store, so if you decide to VIEW SOURCE you might learn something.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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