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    I’m thinking about trying this cms out on a new site and I’m wondering if anyone has had any experience with it and has any input on it. Here’s the link if you haven’t seen it before. [Concrete5.]( “”)

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    It’s decent. Adding “static pages” (one-off page controller scripts) is quite easy. Suitable for most common types of websites. Any specific questions?

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    Is it pretty easy to pick up? I have a small 6 to 8 page site and they want to be able to edit it themselves. I was going to just do wordpress since it’s what I know, but they definitely don’t need that type of power, just the ability to swap out images and have editable content areas. Do you think Concrete5 would be more suitable for this?

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    @jkinney768, I think it’s easier to pick up. I’d recommend reading these threads from the Concrete5 community:

    The first CMS I started using is Concrete5, then transitioned to WP, and what I’ve found is my clients using Concrete5 have a better understanding of the editing aspects of the site over WP clients.

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    > Is it pretty easy to pick up?

    I thought so.

    Concrete isn’t a “lightweight alternative” to WP, though. Just like WP, it’s as heavy as you make it (add-ons, custom code efficiency, etc.). I’m not a heavy WP user (not a heavy Concrete user, either, really), so I couldn’t compare the two performance-wise.

    Having said that, however, I don’t think either would be “overkill.” Concrete feels more “basic” (in a comfortable way), has an active dev/support community, and is fairly intuitive to use.

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    Thanks guys. I think I’ll give Concrete5 a try. It seems more suiting to what I need for this site.

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