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    Hi all. Been lurking for a few months. First post begins …

    A bit of background on me … I’ve been doing print design for 25 years. I’ve dabbled in web design, but it was mostly just the ‘design’ part (handing over Photoshop and Illustrator files to a developer). In the past few months I’ve been doing my homework on HTML and CSS. I hand code my files, which I’ve actually been enjoying. I’m happy with how much progress I’ve made but am aware I also have a long way to go.

    I’m in the process of redeveloping my business site, which I did many years ago in LiveMotion (don’t laugh). I’d like to incorporate a blog on the main page. It’s something I’ll update perhaps 3-4 times a month.

    So my question is: What’s the best way to work in a simple blog? As I won’t be updating it every day I thought I’d just manage it “manually” (ie. update the current blog post and update the links, move older articles into an archive, etc …) Then I thought perhaps a CMS solution might make things easier (after the initial set-up).

    Where I’m getting confused is how to plug-in the blog section. I considered an iframe but from what I’ve read that may not be the best solution. If I use an altered WordPress template would I have to do my whole site in WP?

    Would welcome some input on how I can approach this.

    Thanks in advance.


    It sounds like WP is definitely the way to go, at least for the blog — no sense having to manually update, archive, etc., when WP is set up for exactly those tasks. If you don’t want the whole site to be WP, my understanding is that you can install WP just for a specific sub-domain, ie You’d have a ‘blog’ link on your home page which would just link to that.

    In terms of having a blog on your home page that updates regularly, I’m not aware of a method to import a WP blog into a non-WP page (although it’s entirely possible I’m wrong). You would probably want to just build the whole site in WP. What you’re describing’s really still the default usage for WP. You’d have complete control over updating any/all info at any time on all pages, styles would be consistent, and you’d be able to (obviously) manage content very easily.

    The drawback/advantage to this would be that you might have to do some digging around in php — but the folks on this site are very helpful in terms of php and WP.

    Good luck!



    I agree with Chris 100%, WordPress is your savior. It’s has a short learning curve, even for non-programmers, and any questions you have will be eagerly answered by the fantastic WordPress community. You can build very simple HTML/CSS themes pretty quickly, and still have the amazing blogging system at your fingertips!


    Most simple pages with blog elements can easily be build with WordPress. WordPress is blog-centric – but it can be used as a simple CMS for the static content pages. Even webshops and the like can be built with WordPress – it’s only your imagination and understanding of the system restricting you.

    But if you want to learn stuff the hard way, using WordPress is like jumping the fence at the lowest point.

    About the short learning curve on WP – I’d say that only applies to people with intensive PHP knowledge.

    If you set out to do everything for yourself from the ground up – which you should if you have the time – you will get to know PHP and get a chance to work with HTML and CSS in a more practical manner than what you do when creating simple templates.

    I’m not saying that WP isn’t a great system – but if the point is learning how to cook, you dont go to a restaurant. :-)


    Ok. Sounds like WP is the way to go.

    I’ll look at Chris’s link here:

    As I’ve been coding in Espresso and CSSEdit, will I still be able to build things in a way I’m familiar with? I will be designing a completely custom site, and not using any of the WP themes.

    Oh, one more question: I’ve been seeing references to PHP blog scripts. Would this basically be the back-end to what WP does?

    Thanks for the comments.


    In my mind, coding WordPress templates is no different than anything else. The only thing that might be different for you is the introduction of some PHP.

    Fortunately you don’t reeeaaaally need to know PHP – you just need to be able to recognize what it’s doing.

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