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    So I ran into a problem here
    where my h5 elements are pushed together making the text ineligible. Anyone care to take a stab? Really appreciate any help beforehand.


    Honestly guys, I really need help with this.


    Me neither…

    but you only have one h5 element with a very long text. If there are meant to more than a single h5 then add some end tags.


    <h5>Donald glover takes on another acting role in Magic Mike 2 along side Elizabeth Banks, and more faces.</h5>
    <h5>Donald Glover's acting roles are becoming more frequent... </h5>

    And can I ask but what is your website about? Is it your blog?


    It should also be mentioned that you are misusing heading tags.

    This is clearly not a heading…it’s a block of text and, thus, more suited to being a paragraph p.

    Now there is no reason why you can’t style a p like an h5 but a block of content text is not a heading.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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