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    Hi there. I’ve been having a hell of a time over the last hour trying to figure out why Google’s Page Speed for Firebug is telling me that I need to enable gzip compression on one page of my website even though I put

    < ?php if (substr_count($_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING'], 'gzip')) ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); else ob_start(); ?>

    in the first line of my php document before the DOCTYPE.

    Just to be clear all of the other pages on my site are set up the exact same way and Page Speed seems to like those pages just fine. It’s just this one specific page.

    It’s just a standard XHTML document with valid XHTML a bunch of tables for containing Calendar entries.

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    try moving the code into the head section of the page. see what happens. otherwise, copy and paste the error code google gives you into google to see what others have done about this problem.

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