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    So I’m building/updating my boilerplate. I don’t really believe in anything else but responsive for my grid work, and I usually build them on the fly. I’ve been looking into different solutions for fluid grid framework that I can use across all my projects from now on. But what I’m running into is if I want IE 6-7 support I have to either use a very extensive framework for support for a fixed layout or jQuery/Java fixes.

    What would the best way to go about building a grid framework with support for IE 6-7? Or whats out there that will work?

    I’ve checked into skeleton, a responsive version of skeleton, bootstrap, columnal, the “don’t over think it grids” post, the box sizing polyfill.. I’m just not sure what my best option is… I really don’t mind if the fallback is a fixed width, but I also don’t want a thousand lines of CSS. Should I just add a ie conditional stylesheet and have something like “col-2-3” and the fallback be based on a 960 grid? Or just say screw it and only support IE8+

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    Figure I’d update – but please add to anything or any of your personal experiences.

    I had seen and downloaded it before, Roots, but they have had a massive update that slipped past me. Uses bootstrap and html5 boilerplate. Also organized like crazy with clean code. So far I am really digging it for a fairly bare bone template I can use.

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    I have started working about responsive framework recently and I quite like bootstaps. I just take some css I want from bootstaps to work around for my own website. Of course I don’t care much about IE 6-8, only make it display in the correct way as other modern browsers. I think it’s quite useful.

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    I’ve found in my short weeks working with bootstrap is pretty good.

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