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    Been pulling my hair out trying to figure out a solution to get my div #main to expand to hold the #my_content div (including when dynamic data is loaded.) Everything cool in other browsers, so created conditional style sheet for ie7, but still can’t get the sucker to expand.

    I have tried all kinds of things and for now just set the overflow to auto.

    Have used the .group version of the self-clearing float. No luck. Setting min-height, setting no height, height auto, etc. Still nothing.

    Any help much appreciated!!!!

    (To make things worse I can only test in Adobe Browserlab since my pc for testing went on the fritz.)



    First, try changing the order of your stylesheets from


    Reset first, then add the styles.


    Thanks, that is a ground floor suggestion. I re-ordered the sheets as recommended. This did make a change to font sizes… but not the div getting cut off.

    Appreciate the help – more please???


    PS – I think it may be related to changing the my_content div to absolute positioning? I did that because it’s top margin disappeared and its position went to the top of the page overlapping other elements.

    However, when not absolute, the containing div seems to have enough height.

    Just a thought.


    Ah yes. It was indeed related tho I don’t quite know why.

    Left the div as relative and I adjusted the layout by adding padding-top to the enclosing div. All seems well from what I can tell using BrowserLab.

    However since the page loads dynamic data, I’d be grateful for real time testing on IE7 (my pc is still down).

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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