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    Hi everyone…wots up.

    1st of i know chris has done a vid already on google search box but im having a bit or trouble !

    Ok so i have manages to do the actual search box ok and have got it in the right position, but then when i try and do the results page it doesnt go to where i want it.

    So the results for the search is on a different page and i have put the results in so it should come up in the left col div, but it still appears in the right. Also how would i go about changing the result page so it fits into the left col div ?

    Here is the link.

    Its prob something very simple….but its doing my head in.



    Soh Tanaka

    From the look of it, your source code states that your Google Search Code is placed in your right column. I dont think this is a CSS issue, but just misplacement of the html/js code that google provides~



    doh….forgot to update server :o

    How do i go about changing the width and height then ? Ive tried putting height: 600px and width: 525px and adoesnt seem to work. Im trying to do it so it just fits perfect in the left col :(

    As i said before it prob a simple thing but my skills are very limited !!


    Soh Tanaka

    I’ve done this before on a recent project and this is what I did:

    Wrap the Google html code with another class name lets say .container



    .container {
    width: 970px; /*–what ever you want–*/
    padding: 20px;
    overflow: hidden;



    Soh Tanaka you’re a legend….cheers pal

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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