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    I’ve got a well proven website that works perfectly on desktops. It requests email and password on the login page, taking that data and inspecting it before processing further. I’ve designed the presentation to be responsive and it’s working well.

    When I used it on my Nexus 4 the web site appeared, went to the menu item ‘login’ and I entered both the correct email and password. However, the application bounced back as it should if either the email or password were wrong. So I inserted check scripting and confirmed that the site was receiving the correct email but a wrong password. The logic and data entry is 100% proven.

    Is there something with the google nexus that disallows web site passwords until some parameter is set?


    It could be that you hit Save when “Do you want to remember this password?” dialog-box popped up. And if you entered wrong password (initially), browser is populating that field with incorrect credentials. Clear all cache from the browser. And try again.


    Oh the embarrassment and humiliation of it all, as I have to admit to the unbelievable error-proneness of my human-ness .. crawling on all fours begging forgiveness from my fellow tech scribes ..

    Yes, I was so used to flipping in the password on the desktop/laptop keyboard that I failed to notice that the nexus keyboard had a qw where I expected the 12 to be (without shifting) => so wrong pw :|

    Thanks for your time guys .. grovel, grovel. My apologies ;)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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