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  • # August 30, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    Hello cyber friends, I tried for most of the afternoon to get my head around validating a Google map into a website through iframes. I know how to validate that, but the page in the iframe needs to be also worked. What happens is that the person who coded this did not take into account that an event could have to long of a Name, eg: "CSS Help & Troubleshooting" the title would be cut off, since they are using in css: "white-space:nowrap;" If I could only built its own page, I said, then I could fix that, and overwrite the problem. But it seems that the Javascript for seems to limit the calendar in some way the way I am doing it! Here is the address for the webpage I volunteered to work for free: … -html.html

    What I am saying that my method I think is limited. Here is the webpage without my own include, but with the Google calendar iframe:

    I would appreciate your help.


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